Current Affairs

Dentists, Dentes, Redemption, and Resurrection

The art of oral eradication of one or more Dente, requires a finesse I could not muster.  I can at the best hold my own in the chair.  The pleasantries and patter are not enough for my nature. 

I have unsewn, unstitched and pulled all but two of the sutures threaded into my outer membrane.  Thankfully these most recent are dissolvable.  Using a mirror to pull them is an unforgivable experience.  I did 18 once.

In modern times these are specialists.   In those of yore, they were masters of none.  The apothecarist was also the extractor, barrister, and trader.  Today they do not allow the alcoholic daze to numb the gums.  Its swabs, or needles, or a gaseous substance, to make you as unaware as you can afford. 

I recall as a child pulling quills from the Porky Pine out of our dog’s snout.  We used ether in a bread bag over his head at first.  He awoke no the wiser; he did it again.  Ah the bush life.  Our current social porosity allows for the exemption of these tribulations.  We manifest our lives bisected into private and personal.  Wouldst I post a pic?  Would I describe in detail, adjure your comment and pixelization of my subjugation to pain?  NOPE!

We have deemed the necessary as unimportant and the trite as indispensable.  The cross pollination of these ideas has become the flowers of our lives.  The crop shorn short, the lowest common denominator.  The global calculation of our existence depends on the smallest clue. 

With the flourishing development of more and less interesting ways of excelling and exceeding expectations.  Great Expectations is a tome.  Our expectations are a snippet.

Disembogue the filtered nectar destiny, I like the flow.

Mark Hull Du Calumet, First of the coterie of York, Son of Don, Scion of Karl in the House of Pfunkstadt, Connubial of Suzanne, Yeoman to the Hun of Honda, Prevailing in the Seat of Hespeler, Having been again to Australia, and now Grandad's Land, and for some, from The Dark Side. Not am Main nor ab der Elba, but down the Donau, and with Turkish Chai. #garagelurker2019, also A.C., Cee Minus.