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Mark Roach

I must admit, I have re-read your column in their entirety and nowhere did I see a call for "requests for the all-encompassing Haiku". Or, if I did read it somewhere I probably thought it was a referral for something to eat.

The Coffee Guy

As I know you are a voluminous reader, one often not caring about the quality of the read, I have yet to get electronic confirmation that you have scrolled the 12, nay 13 pages of verbosity in this forum.  On the same hand, I am sure your oversized cranium would not hold the back references enough to disamiguize the larder of unusual words found therein in such a short time frame.  Again, in followed by in is not an easy feat.  Makes you sound like you are singing.

nancy mcd

after reading both of your comments, i think you are a pair of characters/ you like ren and stimpy/ cheers

nancy mcd

you guys are like beavis and butthead with brains on here/ very funny

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